10 Low Calorie Beers That Won’t Ruin Your Diet, Completely!


So you’ve had a really long day at work, or a late night studying for a final exam, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you just need to unwind & take the edge off a bit. If you are like me, it takes a hell of ALOT for me to relax & forget about the stresses of the day, sometimes I literally just cannot let things go. My husband always says how easily I get wound up, and how hard it is for me to wind-down.

One of the things I discovered about my “adult” years, was that I seriously live for coming home and popping open a cold beer, or glass of wine. Working 40+ hours a week is tough sometimes and there is nothing better than being able to enjoy a nice cold brew, especially ones that won’t throw your diet off completely!

So here are my top 10!

  1. Budweiser Select; 55 calories
  2. Beck’s Light; 63 calories
  3. Miller 64; 64 calories
  4. Amstel Light; 95 calories
  5. Michelob Ultra; 95 calories
  6. Natural Light; 95 calories
  7. Miller Light; 96 calories
  8. Heineken Light; 99 calories
  9. Coors Light; 102 calories
  10. Corona Light; 105 calories


So let’s hear it to all of those who want to finish off their day with the dinner of champions!


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