15 Abbreviations Every Millennial Should Know

As a millennial, you know that we have completely made up our own language by using abbreviations, phrases & words that I think were pulled out of thin air, and I often look & wonder who the heck made these up & why are we STILL using them? However we are expected to know and understand all of them.


So, if you are like me, there are way too many words in this language to keep up with, so I have compiled a list of most commonly used “Millennial Mumblejumble” words for you, so that the next time you get a text from your friend, you won’t sit staring at your phone for 15 min. determined to figure out what the heck JOMO means!

  1. JOMO: Joy of Missing Out (Yes this is a thing, because as a Millennial, sometimes we like to not attend events and sit home by ourselves)
  2. HBD: Happy Birthday (Because typing out the full thing would be way too hard)
  3. SMH: Shaking My Head
  4. NSFW: Not Safe For Work (You know, if you want to message your co-worker something completely inappropriate, but can’t until after work hours)
  5. IRL: In Real Life (Since this is a term I literally use all the time.. not!)
  6. BAE: Before Anyone Else (Not to be confused with Bae-your significant other)
  7. OOTD: Outfit of The Day (Used by nearly every girl on Instagram)
  8. IMO: In My Opinion (Because our opinions matter so much)
  9. FTW: For The Win
  10. The Struggle is Real: Used when we are going through a really touch hardship (As in when our grocery store runs out of avocados, so we can’t make avocado toast)
  11. TBH: To Be Honest
  12. I can’t Even: Used when we can’t cope or deal with something
  13. Hundo P: A hundred Percent (Pretty sure it’s easier to type 100%, but whatever)
  14. Sorry not Sorry: Literally means the opposite of sorry
  15. On Fleek: Used when something looks good or was done well (Not Sure when “on point” went out of style?)


Help a fellow millennial out and please comment below with any other words that I may be missing!

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