The Weekender: Visit Angry Orchard Cidery


Let’s be honest, hard cider is the adult version of apple juice, who doesn’t love this stuff? Plus most ciders are gluten-free, so everyone can drink them, bottoms up!

I won’t bore you with all the historical textbook stuff, but let’s just say Johnny Appleseed wasn’t making apple pie with all those apples from the seeds he was planting. However, if you are a knowledge nerd like me, and want to know a bit more on ciders, check out Hard Cider History 101, where they break it out plain and simple.

I am writing this post because I recently took a trip out to the Angry Orchard Cidery in Walden, NY which opened last year.  The Orchard sits on 60 acres of apple trees (which are in bloom this time of year) and includes a large cider house with a self-guided museum which features the cider makers hard at work. Oh and my favorite part, the tree house tasting room!


You start out with the self-guided tour where you can learn about the different apples they use for different ciders etc. and the end of the tour conviently lands you in the tasting room where they have indoor family style seating as well as outdoor hammocks and a fire pit (who doesn’t love a fire pit?!). Tastings are $5 per person and includes 3 small glasses of different ciders of your choice. Some of their ciders are seasonal, so the options rotate based on the time of year. Tastings in the tree house start in May and need a reservation, but is definitely worth it because to drink cider up in a tree house, is the dream for most adults!


So if you live in the area and are looking for something to do on the weekend, take a day trip up to Angry Orchard and you will find that there are also tons of breweries and wineries within very close proximity as well!

Help a fellow millennial out and comment below if you have been to Angry Orchard or have recommendations for other cideries!


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